A skill-based game that tests portfolio management decisions.

No, there’s no fee to enter or win.

You must be registered with Fantasy Finance. Furthermore, you can only have one Profile. Users with multiple profiles will be barred from winning prizes. Certain countries and jurisdictions may bar you from entering a Competition. In such cases you may not enter any Competition

Paid out weekly, subject to availability and Fantasy Finance Terms and Conditions. 

There is a $10 threshold for payments.

Payouts to PayPal are made net of PayPal fees. Terms and Conditions

You can exchange winnings for coins on the prize page. Contact customer support for further details

Crypto trades are automatic, while US stocks are traded during US exchange hours.

Normally from 09:30 to 20:00 Monday-Friday US Eastern Time (ET).

Yes, players can join at any time before it ends.

No, competitions and promotions are not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by any social networks.

Fantasy Finance may disqualify any entrant who fails to meet eligibility criteria or engages in foul play.

Fantasy Finance recommends consulting a tax expert; incentives and prizes are generally not taxable income for US residents unless they exceed $600 annually.

It’s easy. Just go to your profile, click on the Settings icon and tap ‘Delete Account’

Payouts to bank are made net of bank transfer fees. Terms and Conditions 
Certainly! When you have purchased Unlimited Trades, you will see an infinity symbol on your Vault. This doesn’t mean that you can’t buy or earn Trades, though! You have unrestricted access to buying and earning Trades without any limitations. Any Trades you accumulate while your subscription is active will be available in your Vault when your subscription ends.

For more information please read the Competition Rules and User Terms.

For any other questions, please contact support at support@fantasyfinance.game

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